Studying a degree in Social Justice can open doors to a number of careers and opportunities, for example, in fields such as child advocacy, health advocacy, law, education or human rights. It also gives you the skills to engage with complex social challenges that impact our communities. Here is a list of top universities around the world offering degrees in Social Justice. The University of British Columbia- Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice The Social Justice Institute at this university offers a programme in Gender,…Continue Reading “20 Social Justice Degrees Around the World”

Social enterprises are organizations that work to improve the environmental, economic or social well-being of people in a certain community. Many are looking for people dedicated to using their entrepreneurial skills to make a difference in the lives of others. Here is a list of 20 internships at social enterprises. Ashoka- Internships and Social Entrepreneurship Ashoka is a social enterprise which envisions a world in which everyone is a changemaker, meaning that all citizens can contribute in positive ways. They identify and support the world’s…Continue Reading “20 Internships at Social Enterprises”

Guatemala is a beautiful country with lakes, volcanoes, and Mayan and colonial ruins. There are many places you might want to visit when travelling in Guatemala, but a tourist favourite is the quiet town of Antigua. There are activities here for all everyone, no matter how adventurous you are.   Churches and Ruins Antigua is more than 200 years old and was once the colonial capital of Guatemala. For this reason, it is full of old colonial churches, buildings and cobbled streets. One of the…Continue Reading “Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala”

Social work apprenticeships are a great way to combine further education with real work experience and deliver a practical approach to training new professionals in the field. Apprentices gain both a degree in social work and practical experience allowing them to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to become a social worker. Here is a list of 5 social work apprenticeships. The Open University- Social Worker Degree Apprenticeship The Open University is a leading university for flexible, innovative and world-leading research in over 100…Continue Reading “5 Social Work Apprenticeships in England”

SayABC is a one of many Chinese companies which teaches English to children, of 5-12 years old, using an online platform and native English speakers. Lessons The set-up is pretty simple, you will teach using a programme, which you install on your computer, and you will have 1-4 students in your virtual classroom. There is also a white board in the virtual classroom, which you and the children can draw on. The power point slideshow for each lesson is provided by SayABC so planning time…Continue Reading “Online ESL Teaching with SayABC”

The first time I visited Mexico, I came for a summer university course at Tec de Monterrey Cuernavaca. The course was just 5 short weeks and I knew I would return to Mexico. A year later I finished my degree and moved to Cuernavaca, a small city just an hour South of Mexico City. Since then I have been working online, volunteering with a foundation called Colegio Berea, learning Spanish and enjoying everything about Mexican culture. There are a lot of differences between my life…Continue Reading “Moving to Mexico”

In Tepotzlán you’ll find restaurants, bars, cafes, beautiful coloured buildings, authentic Mexican markets full of amazing food and a pretty challenging hike to the remains of Tepozteco temple. The town is about 40 minutes away from Mexico City and an hour away from Cuernavaca where we took the bus from outside the Adolfo Lópes Mateos market for just 20MXN. Once we arrived we visited the market which you can find on the main street near the cathedral. The food market has a lot of traditional…Continue Reading “A Guide to Tepotzlán, Mexico”

You can get a lot done in three days in Copenhagen and also spend a lot of money. The best thing about the city is that all the tourist attractions are within walking or cycling distance. So our relaxing city break turned into a full blown walking holiday. We arrived early on Wednesday and took the metro from the airport to the Kongens Nytorv and had the pleasure of walking along Nyhavn on our way to the Bedwood Hostel. The location of this hostel in…Continue Reading “3-day Itinerary for Copenhagen, Denmark”

Zurich is a small city with a lot of character. The architecture reminds me of ski chalets and, with the mountains just a train ride away, you can even go skiing for a day just outside the city as part of your weekend away. There is also a wealth of museums and galleries within the city. The Kunsthaus is one of the biggest galleries featuring modern art, classical modernism and an impressive collection on illusionism. I visited the exhibition on Abraham Cruzvillegas, the Mexican artist,…Continue Reading “Things To Do on a Weekend in Zurich, Switzerland”

Angloville is a company which specialises in providing full English language immersion. Participants are given speaking sessions throughout the day and in just a week can make vast improvements in fluency. Volunteers receive the opportunity to see some of the sights in Warsaw and free accommodation during the programme. I spent one week with Angloville as a volunteer on their adult programme. These sessions involve full days of working with participants to improve their conversation skills and the intensity of the programme really provides results….Continue Reading “Volunteering with Angloville in Warsaw, Poland”