A Guide to Tepotzlán, Mexico

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In Tepotzlán you’ll find restaurants, bars, cafes, beautiful coloured buildings, authentic Mexican markets full of amazing food and a pretty challenging hike to the remains of Tepozteco temple.



The town is about 40 minutes away from Mexico City and an hour away from Cuernavaca where we took the bus from outside the Adolfo Lópes Mateos market for just 20MXN. Once we arrived we visited the market which you can find on the main street near the cathedral. The food market has a lot of traditional Mexican food for cheap. We bought Pancita which is a soup made with pig stomach and flavoured with chile, lemon, oregano and onion as well as Chilaquiles which are made from tortillas covered in red or green salsa and usually topped with meat, cream, cheese, avocado or beans for just 45MXN. I also had a café de olla for 10MXN which is a traditional black coffee made with cinnamon.

After a full breakfast we headed along the main street towards the mountain to start our hike to Tepozteco, the ruins of an Aztec temple. The hike took about 2 hours and was pretty difficult at times but the path is safe and mostly clear with only a few areas where you might have to watch your step on the rocks. At the top of the hike you’ll find the ruins of the temple. The temple itself is small but the structure makes a great place to sit and enjoy the view. With a student card you can enter for free, otherwise it is 40MXN to enter the site.

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Around the town of Tepotzlán, you’ll find a lot of different kinds of restaurants as well as endless signs for cocktails like Mojitos and Pina Coladas. You can also visit the cathedral which is currently being repaired due to the earthquake last year, and mass is still held outside in the courtyard while the building is under construction.



To the right of the cathedral, there is a market full of souvenirs such as hand painted mugs and a number of small restaurants where you can enjoy the view of the mountains with your meal. We found a small coffee and chocolate shop called Cacao Mexican Chocolate with a great selection of flavored hot chocolates and coffees. We also had dinner at a small Argentinian restaurant called Pueblo Gaucho where you can get a steak for 215MXN and enjoy the view from their small secluded balcony.

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