The first time I visited Mexico, I came for a summer university course at Tec de Monterrey Cuernavaca. The course was just 5 short weeks and I knew I would return to Mexico. A year later I finished my degree and moved to Cuernavaca, a small city just an hour South of Mexico City. Since then I have been working online, volunteering with a foundation called Colegio Berea, learning Spanish and enjoying everything about Mexican culture. There are a lot of differences between my life…Continue Reading “Moving to Mexico”

In Tepotzlán you’ll find restaurants, bars, cafes, beautiful coloured buildings, authentic Mexican markets full of amazing food and a pretty challenging hike to the remains of Tepozteco temple. The town is about 40 minutes away from Mexico City and an hour away from Cuernavaca where we took the bus from outside the Adolfo Lópes Mateos market for just 20MXN. Once we arrived we visited the market which you can find on the main street near the cathedral. The food market has a lot of traditional…Continue Reading “A Guide to Tepotzlán, Mexico”

Puebla has many historical sites and museums and is famous for its sweet street; Calle de dulce. This was a great place to look for souvenirs in the traditional Mexican markets and get a look at some hand painted china in the many small shops. During our tour, we visited Puebla Cathedral and the Biblioteca Palafoxiana. What’s interesting about the cathedral is the modern sculptures in the courtyard outside, the contrast between old and new is quite striking. The library is just 25 pesos (£1.08)…Continue Reading “A Weekend in Puebla, Mexico”

Apart from being known for its silver, Taxco is pretty understated as a tourist destination which makes it even more appealing. When we arrived the beauty of the town was a total surprise. Nestled between mountains and cliffs, the towns beautiful colonial buildings sit on slopes of cobbled streets. The streets are actually so steep that most of the taxi drivers opt for altered Volkswagen beetles as they are apparently the only cars that can take on the gradient. One issue we had with these…Continue Reading “Taxco, Mexico”

Mexico is a large country with diverse and very different areas and states. I have visited a few different areas and they all had their own charms. Cuernavaca Cuernavaca is the capital of the Morelos state and is known as the ‘city of eternal spring’ for its appealing climate which remains between 20-30 degrees almost all year round. In the centre of the city, you’ll find a few tourist attractions such as the palace of Cortés which is now home to the regional museum. There’s…Continue Reading “Traveling around Mexico”