Studying a degree in Social Justice can open doors to a number of careers and opportunities, for example, in fields such as child advocacy, health advocacy, law, education or human rights. It also gives you the skills to engage with complex social challenges that impact our communities. Here is a list of top universities around the world offering degrees in Social Justice. The University of British Columbia- Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice The Social Justice Institute at this university offers a programme in Gender,…Continue Reading “20 Social Justice Degrees Around the World”

Social work apprenticeships are a great way to combine further education with real work experience and deliver a practical approach to training new professionals in the field. Apprentices gain both a degree in social work and practical experience allowing them to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to become a social worker. Here is a list of 5 social work apprenticeships. The Open University- Social Worker Degree Apprenticeship The Open University is a leading university for flexible, innovative and world-leading research in over 100…Continue Reading “5 Social Work Apprenticeships in England”